About Nepal

With the Kathmandu valley as its centre, the Nepal Mandala stretches out in all directions, covering some of the most varied and astounding terrain on earth. All in one place, you can experience the thrill of rafting down raging, glacial fuelled river while enjoying views of jungle covered canyons. You can soar amongst the world’s highest peaks on daily mountain flights or you can catch it all from ground level, where you’ll trek through gorgeous terraced lands of vibrant gold and green. Along the way you’ll pass serene villages, turquoise lakes, and age-old yak herders along the Himalayan salt route. Whether your interest is adventurous or cultural, Nepal will satisfy all its visitors with a wide range of exciting experiences. Anything from the ever popular bungy jump over a Himalayan canyon, to a trek with a yak caravan in search of the mythical yeti can be experienced in this majestic land. The limits of your Nepal adventure are the limits of your imagination.


 Major Airlines flying to Nepal

Nepal has only one International Airport i.e Tribhuvan International Airport. There are no direct flights available from Europe, America and Australia to Nepal.

Airlines flying from United Kingdom to Kathmandu are as follows:

  1. Qatar Airways via Doha
  2. Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi
  3. Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
  4. Oman Air via Muscat
  5. Thai Airways via Bangkok
  6. Jet Airways via Delhi

Airline flying from Australia to Kathmandu are as follows:

  1. Dragon Airline via Hongkong
  2. Silk Air via Singapore
  3. China Southern via Guangzou
  4. Thai Airways via Bangkok
  5. Malaysian Airlines via Malaysia

Depending on the cities of America, there are single and double transit airlines flying to Kathmandu, which are as follows:

  1. Qatar Airways via Doha
  2. Etihad Airways via Abu Dhabi
  3. Emirates Airlines via Dubai
  4. Korean Air via Seoul
  5. Cathay Pacific via Hongkong
  6. Jet Airways via Delhi

Besides flight, if you are traveling to neighboring country such as India and China you can travel to Nepal by road. If you are traveling from India, you can enter Nepal from Tauliwha at Bhairawa, Birjung, Kakadvitta etc. If you are traveling from China via Tibet, Kodari is only point where you can transit from. From all of these borders you can obtain tourist visas up on arrival at the border.

Travel Ticket/Confirmation

 Check your airline ticket in details. Many routes to Nepal require the change of aircraft or even a change of airline. Also, in our experience, the greatest risk of lost baggage is if you are traveling on a combination of two airlines. In this case, thoroughly cross-examine at check-in as to the pros and cons of tagging it all the way to Kathmandu vs. claiming it the airport at which you change carriers.

Departure from Kathmandu by Air:

Most airlines require that your flight out is RECONFIRMED 72 hrs. prior to departure. If requested Trek Nepal will do this for you. Back to the airport by taxi check-in the usual 2 hours before departure.