Bhutan – Empirical Land

Bhutan – the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Being the last remaining great Himalayan kingdom, it was restricted to all outsiders until recent years. Situated in the Himalayan mountains and hills, the beauty and diversity of this Forbidden Land are beyond any description. This is a place of Buddhism where Tibetan culture fully remains, and Gross Domestic Happiness is deemed more important than Gross Domestic Product.

It is also one of the world’s most expensive tourist destinations where visitors have to pay a minimum of US0 a day. However, this fee is all inclusive. There is no need to travel in a group, therefore personal itineraries can be customized. And compared with many other destinations, you won’t find any back-packing travellers in Bhutan.

So why go Bhutan? Above all else, Bhutan offers an opportunity to experience something pure and untouched by tourists. It offers a glimpse into another way of living, where true values of life still exist and even prosper. You will become one of the few who has experienced the uniqueness and magic of the world’s most enigmatic countries.