Tibet – Buddhist Kingdom

Tibet is one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations and there is adventure indeed hidden around almost each and every corner. Lhasa, the capital lies high in the arid wilderness of the Tibetan Mountains, its name “the Roof of the World” is no idle statement. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the highest mountains elsewhere. It’s snow covered plateaus are the highest in the world and apart from Everest, which Tibetans see from ‘the other side’, many mountains are over 15000 feet. Lhasa, at (3590 meters), is Tibet’s religious, cultural and economic centre. The 1000 room Potala Palace physically dominates Lhasa City.


There are no air routes within Tibet except from Amdo to Kham. The distances are huge and the only recommended mode of transportation is hiring the vehicles from a travel agent.


Travellers are requested to take insurance from home which covers medical and emergency evacuation. Seriously ill travellers should not consider trying to leave Tibet by road, as the difficulties and uncertainties of such a journey holds many risks.


Banks in Tibet/China are closed on Saturday & Sunday. So, you are requested to carry about US 0 per person in cash or travellers cheque for personal expenses. If it is cash dollars, even local people help you to get them exchanged into Chinese Yuan. Credit cards are very difficult to cash outside the banks, especially outside Lhasa. The unit of currency is Yuan, which is approximately US$ 1 = 8 Yuan.